Training and Accreditation


A ‘master’ training manual, which is a comprehensive guide to speaking and presentation, is available for all members.

The manual also contains 21 practical ‘projects’ to provide experience in a variety of different speaking situations including the ‘leading’ of club meetings and the ‘evaluation’ of other speakers.

Other projects include:

  • Speech to entertain
  • Speech to persuade
  • Speech using visual aids
  • Storytelling
  • Book review


Each speaker at a meeting is normally assigned an ‘evaluator’ who will provide a realistic assessment of the speech together with helpful suggestions for improvement.

The whole concept is to support each other and to gain greater understanding of speaking techniques through analysing the work of fellow club members. The General Evaluator provides an overall assessment of the meeting. Of course, evaluations are themselves a speaking opportunity and should be delivered as a ‘structured’ speech.


The Powertalk accreditation programme is a system of qualifications based on 5 courses:

  • Effective Communicator (EC)
  • Proficient Communicator (PC)
  • Skilled Communicator (SC)
  • Accomplished Communicator (AC)
  • Distinguished Communicator (DC)


All clubs participate in the annual speech contest which progresses though club, region and international levels.

There is a very popular writing contest with sections for fiction, non-fiction and poetry.

Speech Contest Judge Certification

Club members may apply for ITC Speech Contest Judge certification once all necessary criteria are met. Candidates are assessed at the annual NZ Region ITC Speech Contest Final.


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