What Happens at a Club Meeting?

Powertalk meetings are a safe, friendly environment in which to learn.  P1000552Participants have a variety of opportunities to learn about and to practice public speaking at every meeting.

We learn by:

  • Speaking in front of the group
  • Listening to others speak to the group
  • Evaluating and listening to evaluations of speeches
  • participating in the Accreditation programme

Improve your self-confidence By practising speaking to a group in an environment where everyone is also learning, you become more comfortable with the task. You will find it gets easier the more you do it.

  • Learn at your own pace
  • Opportunities every meeting to speak at the lectern
  • Do what you want – prepared or impromptu speeches

Think on your feet  One of the features of a Powertalk meeting is impromptu speaking where participants are asked a question on a specific topic and present a speech with no preparation.  This can be on a wide range of topics but allow the speaker a chance to think on their feet and put together a cohesive response.  Practice helps and your confidence will grow with every meeting.

Evaluation Everyone who speaks at a meeting has their speech evaluated by another member.  this enables you to be encouraged with positive feedback and also constructive suggestions on how to improve.  Afterall that is why we are here – to improve our public speaking.

Education Every meeting includes some training element – whether it is on speech construction, oral reading or how to conduct a business session.

  • Presentation skills
  • Getting your message across
  • Training for all members
  • Learning from others

Meeting Procedure  How to conduct a formal business meeting is one of those skills that come in handy for PTA meetings, board meetings and any occasion where you need to handle the formality or business procedure.  This is not at every club meeting but is yet another training tool for members to learn.

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