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Presentation and Public Speaking

Karen:  Training Day Programme Leader - March 2012

Developing the confident demeanour to deliver a clear and convincing message is much easier when you practise before a live audience. An informed and supportive audience is even better – especially when they are there to provide the evaluation and feedback to help you improve.

Powertalk New Zealand offers members the opportunity to practise speech style and content, as well as the use of speaking aids such as microphones and data projectors, until they are confident to face any speaking challenge.

Club membership

At each meeting, members aim to complete a practical assignment centred on a personalized program which is tailored to your individual goals. As each assignment is completed, you will be given feedback on your performance and progress, and further opportunities to put your newly acquired skills into practice.

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Your club will be part of a group in a geographic area, which allows access to new audiences, wider training opportunities and higher skills levels. Through joint meetings and programmes, annual region conferences and even biennial international conventions, members are offered continued growth and learning.


Accreditation assignments are tailored to individual needs within a recognised, optional, multi-level format, which offers a flexible and self-paced program. From the simplest of beginnings of a one-minute ‘speech’, to the complexity of leading two-hour workshops at International Conventions, the Accreditation Program provides a disciplined and graduated personal growth path.

Short Course

The intensive six-week Powertalk Short Courses are offered to corporate teams, community groups or the general public, to provide a fast-track foundation in public speaking, communication and leadership skills.

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