How Powertalk Works

p1060571_2Adults learn best by “doing”, and that’s how Powertalk works.  It provides a safe, warm and friendly setting where members learn by speaking to, and working with others in a supportive, non-threatening environment.

For example, meetings often begin with a short business session, which helps you learn the basics of meeting procedures.

Members present one to two-minute impromptu speeches on assigned topics. This helps you to think on your feet – very useful in those sticky situations we sometimes find ourselves in.

Also, several members will present prepared speeches based on projects from the Powertalk  Manual – Coaching in Effective Speaking.

The skills learned in these cover topics such as speech organization, voice effectiveness, language, gestures, and persuasion – in other words, how to express yourself clearly, to the point and with maximum benefit or effect.

Evaluation is one of the foundations that Powertalk  is built on.  Accordingly, every prepared speaker is assigned an evaluator who points out the speech strengths and offers suggestions for areas of improvement, which means . . . . You will learn to listen better and you’ll learn to comfortably give and receive constructive evaluation.

If you already have some of these skills, Powertalk will enhance them.  Not only that, Powertalk makes it easier to meet people because there is a strong emphasis on being very supportive of the people around you, so it is a great place to make friends and meet new people.

In addition, Powertalk  also helps members in their community service activities.  For example, perhaps you would like to stand for your child’s school board, or be on the committee of your local play-group or gardening club but feel you don’t have the skills or confidence and so you miss out.

However, using the speaking, leadership and organizational skills developed in Powertalk , many members become more active in schools, businesses, churches and charity organizations: some even become active in local or national government.

Through participation and interaction with other club members, self-confidence increases leading to an increase in natural leadership and personal power – a very important attribute not just for work but also in many everyday situations including with your children and family.

Powertalk provides a supportive learning environment where learning to speak is only a small part of a professionally designed, self-paced, educational programme that helps you build your poise, confidence, communication, leadership skills and gives you a better self-image.

So if you aren’t sure about the Powertalk  experience, come along as a visitor and check it out.  And if you are already a member – bring along a guest and give them the opportunity to experience the benefits, too.

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