NissaWhen I became involved in a network marketing company, I knew that I had neither the skills nor the confidence to be able to talk to people, especially strangers, either on an individual basis or to larger audiences, in order to promote my new business, so I decided that I needed to do something about it.

It took me a while to pluck up courage to contact both the organizations in my area.  I found that one organization (not part of POWERtalk) did not suit me, although I did attend meetings for about six months, but POWERtalkWaimea made me instantly welcome.  Linda kindly took me with her to my first couple of meetings where everyone was very friendly and non-threatening!

For the first few meetings I hardly ‘squeaked’ a word and declined to participate in our one to two-minute impromptu speaking sessions (Table Topics) but eventually I plucked up the courage to have a go and managed about 15 seconds!  From there on, all I could do was improve.  I thoroughly enjoy our meetings and now actively look forward to my assignments, especially now I have discovered the joys of a power point presentation.

When I was at college, I used to long to have a stage part in the theatre group but even helping out with the props caused me a lot of stress, so I missed out –

And if someone had said to me that I would ever be standing in front of an audience, giving a presentation, I’d have said, “Never in a million years” and hidden in a corner.

And if I had been asked to be a presenter for a student seminar, as I was some time ago, my natural reaction would have been to say, “I can’t do it – I’m too shy – I don’t know enough about it” and then never go to another meeting in case I was asked to do something else I was afraid of.  Instead of which, I wouldn’t say that I ‘grasped’ the opportunity but I didn’t turn it down and found to my amazement that I actually quite enjoyed it, not just the presentation but being part of something and seeing how much the students not only enjoyed the seminar but also improved and benefitted after only four sessions.

POWERtalk is an experience and the more I allow myself to experience all that Powertalk has to offer the more confident I am becoming and more willing try something new.

I have found that POWERtalk has provided me with a warm and friendly, supportive learning environment where learning to speak is only a small part of a professionally designed, self-paced educational program that is helping me build my poise, confidence, communication and leadership skills as well as giving me a better self-image.

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