LindaI first joined POWERtalk International to learn correct meeting procedure and to gain self-confidence.  I was a young Mum, who went to all the school meetings but never said a word…..until I got home and started with… I should have said…!!!

When I first joined, I was well out of my comfort zone; I couldn’t say a word without feeling very nervous. But within a few short months and in the warm, caring and encouraging support of the POWERtalk Waimea Club, I noticed that I was able to speak more confidently. I was less nervous and I had started to step out of my comfort zone.

I have spoken to large groups, organised Region Conferences and given eulogies at family funerals.

I have stood for election on National Organisations and I now look forward to meeting any challenge.

I still get a little nervous if I have to do something new, but now I know how to control that nervousness and accept the challenge:  rather than trepidation and terror, it is now a feeling of achievement and stimulation.

I have been a member now for 19 years; it was the best thing I ever did for myself.

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