POWERtalk Waimea Club has given me heaps more confidence in myself.

I was with my friend, Sonja, one day and she talked about the speaking group she was attending.  At that moment I wasn’t in a good space with a personal problem but it didn’t take long for me to realize that this was something that could possibly help me, not only with my situation at that time, but also generally with handling life’s numerous situations where one has to discuss things either on a one to one basis or in a group.

At that time, I was attending a group but I wasn’t able to make any input during discussion as I just wasn’t confident enough and always had the feeling I would talk rubbish!   However, joining POWERtalk has changed all that and I now participate regularly in that group during discussions.

The difference between the two groups, however, was colossal: POWERtalk Waimea helps you to move forward and join in and we have a lot of fun doing it.  There’s always someone there for you when you reach out.

I’ll always remember the nightmare of my Ice Breaker (first or opening speech): well, actually, I didn’t feel too bad about it but when I got up in front of the members, my nerves turned to tears and I said, “Sorry, I can’t do it.”  No doubt this tested the group magnificently and Peggy, who was Programme Leader that evening, came to the rescue.  She calmly asked me questions about my speech and guided me to doing it.  Mind you, had I not learned it off by heart, I’m not sure how she would have convinced me.  I have no doubt, though, that there are members who can and do enjoy helping in all sorts of situations.

Since then, I have attended New Zealand’s first National BC Conference in Rotorua on behalf of the Nelson Cancer Society and the Nelson BC Support Group where I stood up in a room of 550 people to ask a question on the group’s behalf.  On return to Nelson, I wrote a report to the Nelson Cancer Society and the BC Support Group, made up a file about the conference for the Support Group, took part in an interview for publication in “The Leader”, took part in a radio advertisement for “Relay for Life” and presented a 25 minute assignment at a POWERtalk Council meeting.  I have also approached the Nelson City and Tasman District Councils to discuss the situation of poisons being used on our sports grounds.  None of this would have been possible without POWERtalk.

So, POWERtalk International Waimea Club, I thank you for how you are as a group, your friendly advice and for the confidence you have helped me gain, which has helped me immensely with the personal problem I once had.  I feel privileged to know you all.

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