IMG_0131I first joined Powertalk to help me in my work role which involved some public speaking.

Although I had some experience in public speaking, I had never had any professional training for it and therefore wanted to become more skilled and confident.

At that stage, any public speaking for me was a truly nerve-wracking experience, even if I appeared confident, I certainly never felt it.

Through Powertalk I felt supported, encouraged, and safe to explore my capabilities in public speaking.  This non-threatening and caring environment helped me work through all aspects of the speaking programme, taking on a variety of speaking and leadership roles.  Some 2 + years later I am now giving a wide range of public speeches, even some for more than 100 people.  Rather than feeling anxious, I embrace each public speaking opportunity as my confidence and skill grows.  Without the support and training that I have had through Powertalk I simply would not be putting myself out there.

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