Young Leaders Seminar

YLS LindaThe Young Leaders Seminar takes place over four weeks and is proving so popular that in order to accept all students wishing to participate, we are now holding two seminars running concurrently.

Although most of the presentations on the various topics are made by our more experienced members, newer members are encouraged to participate by giving the ‘Inspiration’ or leading the impromptu speaking sessions, for example.

Some of the topics covered by our Young Leaders Seminar include:

  • Speech Construction
  • Controlling Nervousness
  • Platform Presence
  • Voice Effectiveness
  • Impromptu Speaking
  • Visualization
  • Writing a Speech
  • Presenting a Speech

Throughout the course students have an opportunity to put into practice what they have learned.  At the end of the seminar, all students present a prepared speech and each receives an individual evaluation thereon and Certificate of Participation.

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