2012 Poetry


At the mere thought of it . . . cortisol becomes  my master

Primordial responses ignite like fireworks against the dark sky

My heart drumming forcefully beating the tune of dread

Pulse rate quickening with crescendo building it races faster and faster

Lungs gasp for air but fail to deliver

My stomach churning and twisting into a thick ropey knot

My mouth parched and tongue turned to sandpaper

“I just can’t do this thing” my whole body a quiver

Dignity on the line now in the face of inescapability

“Exhale slowly” a voice whispers inside my head

Positive imagery evoked for calmness forcing self-control

Poise and confidence now portrays me capable of speaking publicly

Category:  Poetry:  3rd NZ Region Writing Contest 2012 – Bee

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