2011 Speech Competition hits 25 years

The 25th edition of POWERtalk Waimea Primary and Intermediate Schools Speech Contest was held on Monday, 12th September and Wednesday, 14th  2011.  On the Monday, sixteen Year 6 students from Brightwater, Ranzau, Henley, Richmond, St Paul’s. Appleby, Wakefield and St Joseph’s schools took part.  To the delight of the 100 strong audience, they competed with a wide range of topics: Where Do I Come From, Mysteries, Caring For Animals, Travelling, Ambitions and The World Of Sport.

For the last 25 years, POWERtalk Waimea Club and the Lions Club of Richmond have been in partnership to organize the contest which sees Waimea’s best school students pitted against each other.

First place was Olivia Avery of Appleby School.  Olivia chose Mysteries and presented a colourful speech about Loch Ness and its monster, say the judges.

Emma Gordon, although not placed, spoke on the plight of caged birds, from her own wire cage and dressed as a chicken – a real crowd pleaser, and Isiah Malulau, dressed in national costume, gave a unique look at where he came from, split into 4 categories: biological, cultural, physical and spiritual.

The organizers would like to thank Office Products Richmond for their incredible help in the competition and supplying more than $300 worth of prizes.

Taken from the Waimea WeeklyDouble Logo

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