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Phil HawesThis year, the Lions club of Richmond and POWERtalk International Waimea Club are celebrating the silver anniversary of the Waimea Primary and Intermediate Schools’ Speech Contest: this amazing twenty-five year initiative continues as we see the benefits to all students who take part and we take great pleasure in their enthusiasm, increased self-confidence and improved speaking abilities: we know that we are helping to train our young people for the future.  Waimea Club provides the organization and public speaking expertise, judges, timers, tellers and the programme leader, and the Richmond Lions Club provides one judge and sponsorship in the form of prizes and supper each evening.

Linda TVAs an item of local interest, Mainland Television agreed to interview the President of the Lions Club of Richmond and our very own Linda, New Zealand Region President Elect.  We went along to the studio where we were warmly welcomed by Stuart, the cameraman, who settled us into the recording room and adjusted lighting and camera angles.  Then, with no more ado, we launched into the interview.  I am happy to say that we completed the interview with no mishaps but at four minutes duration, it was a little long.  Our second effort took a much shorter time and Stuart said that we didn’t need to do any more takes as he could “cut & paste” as necessary and a slightly shorter version of the interview was broadcast.

TV InterviewThe item about the Waimea Primary and Intermediate Schools’ Speech Contest went to air on that evening’s news – Friday, 9th September 2011 – and was also broadcast as part of the weekend news round-up.  We would like to express our thanks and appreciation to Mainland Television for supporting us in this and for airing our Community Notice Board advertisement as a follow-on to the news item.

You may have noticed that I refer to “we” – well, that is because I was the interviewer!  Nissa

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