YLS Aug 2011


YLS Aug 2011Twenty Waimea College year 12 students will be expressing themselves more eloquently after completing a four-week seminar on effective speaking during August.  The students are encouraged to attend the seminar by the school as part of their leadership roles that they will be applying for in year 13.

The seminar was facilitated by POWERtalk International Waimea Club and the students were introduced to POWERtalk‘s short course programme on effective speaking: the four-week course covered speech construction, listening skills, interviews, platform presence and vocal effectiveness.  Students were also given weekly impromptu speaking and oral reading exercises to help them improve their speaking skills and voice projection.

In week four, the students presented a prepared three to five-minute speech using their newly acquired skills.  The range of topics included genetically modified foods, football heroes and the life of Gandhi.  They all had depth and meaningful messages to entertain the audience.

The seminar ended with the students being presented with a certificate of merit and a personal evaluation.  Two students, Lauren and Andrew, were selected as top speakers for the night.

Taken from the Richmond-Waimea Leader and Waimea Weekly

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