Achievements 2011

> The 2011 Rosebowl Award was won by Taupo club
> NZ Region 2011 Speech Contest Winners
1st Place  Joanne Buchanan – POWERtalk Speakwell Club-at-LargeSubject: Planet

Title: What planet are you from?

Category: Speech to Entertain

2nd Place Hilary Brown – Council 1Subject:  Traumatised

Title: Against all odds

Category: Speech to Entertain

3rd Place  Nissa Elsey – POWERtalk Waimea Club-at-LargeSubject: Are you ready?

Title: Are you ready?

Category: Speech to Persuade

> NZ Region 2011 Writing Contest Winners
Non-Fiction 1st Place Mary Marshall – Waitakere Club   “Robbie Burns – The Great Scot”    
2nd Place (equal) Margaret Raby – Powertalk Waitakere  “Archives of the Planet”                                             

Nissa Elsey – POWERtalk Waimea Club-at-Large 

“I Would Give Up Chocolate but I’m No Quitter”

Fiction 1st Place Janice Gillgren – Hatea Communicators Powertalk A Dream of the Heart”
2nd Place Nissa Elsey – Waimea Club “Diana, Goddess of the Hunt”
 3rd Place Janet Henderson – Powertalk Waitakere“That Little Voice”
Poetry 1st Place Faye-Noel Brown  Powertalk Otago“A Moment In Time”
2nd Place Janet Henderson – Powertalk Waitakere“Stiletto Style”
 3rd Place(equal) Margaret Hunter – Hatea Powertalk“Ponga”
> 2011 International Speech Contest Winners
1st Place  Mary Marshal – New Zealand, 2010
2nd Place Theresia Colbert – Heart of America, 2010
3rd Place  Randy Moore – Blue Ridge, 2011

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