A Typical Meeting

At Waimea Club, we like to think of our meetings as being professional and educational in a warm and friendly environment.

Every club has its own personality and ours leans towards informality with good, clean humour.

There are some events, such as inter-club speech competitions and debates, where a greater degree of formality is appropriate and we like to enter fully into the spirit of such occasions.

The format of a typical club meeting can vary quite a bit but most of our normal meetings tend to include three or four main elements:

  • A monthly business session lasting approximately half an hour after the main speaking programme
  • Three or four prepared speeches of typically 5-8 minutes although the more advanced speakers will often undertake longer assignments
  • A session of short ‘impromptu’ speeches known as ‘Table Topics’ – the ‘Table Topics Leader’ picks out willing volunteers who give speeches of typically 90-seconds on a subject introduced ‘on the spot’
  • Each prepared speaker and impromptu speaker will be ‘evaluated’ by one of the more experienced members to provide valuable feedback and recommendations for improvement

As the club is essentially about speaking, all members take turns to perform the meeting ‘functionary’ roles which include Programme Leader, Table Topics Leader, General Evaluator and Timekeeper.

New members are encouraged to take on roles and present assignments at their own pace.